So many believethey would gain respect  and people would praise them and tell everyone what an angel they  are because they allow them to behave as they like and they dont complain. Why it’s Important to Stand up For Ourselves is because if they don’t; they are viewed as someone others can take advantage of.

We cannot make changes and expect things to improve if, firstly, we are not prepared to face the reality of the situation, and secondly, we are not willing to be confident enough to walk through our fears.

It’s not OK for others to talk down to us, at us or over us.

In my own self-exploration I realised it was about Annie, not them. I never stood up for myself. I allowed them to dump their toxic attitudes and behaviours all over me; I accepted them telling me what I should think, do and feel. It became clear, therefore, that I could not point the finger of blame at them as I had been  allowing them to disrespect and  devalue me.

Why it’s Important to Stand up For Yourself  is because whatever lame excuse you come up with to yourself there are thousands who have been in the same situation and who, by saying  no or setting a  boundary  have brought about self – respect and made profound changes in their lives.

If I had waited for others to see how controlling, cruel and unfair they were being to me I could be waiting for ever,  meanwhile my confidence and self -esteem was being eroded. I needed to take the first step, get honest, find my courage muscles and stand up for myself in a rational voice, one of reason and sanity.

Are you ready NOW to get honest and take that first step?