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A few clients…

Annie Ashdown is  at the credible end of life coaching. Her talent for engaging with people and allowing her warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but also on the inside. I  highly recommended your services.

Jessica Huie. MBE. Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain.


Annie is an outstanding coach who has really helped develop my confidence as an entrepreneur enabling my business to expand. She is deeply intuitive and guides through personal experience as well as through professional knowledge. She is particularly well tuned to the specific issues facing women in business and it is for this reason that I have both hired her and recommended her to clients and friends.

Charlotte Heath Bullock, Founder and Director at Cultural Communications.


Annie is a bright, intuitive woman with a warm and empathetic approach, and her greatest gift is her ability to listen, which is a fine and much underrated quality. I strongly recommend her services.

Howard Lewis, Managing Director,  Fortus.


Annie’s work with me was very gentle, yet very powerful. She was a tremendous support to me at a transitional time and helped me move into a new chapter of my life.  In fact her love and support have been invaluable to me through some challenging times.

Nick Williams, International Speaker, Best Selling Author of 8 books, Broadcaster, Coach and Keynote Speaker.


On making a hard decision on what to do with my career Annie helped me to gain clarity and gave me support to take the plunge to move from London to West Hollywood and start a fresh career. I also had 10 years of clutter which I refused to let go, and with Annie’s help I let go of it and started a new.

Noam Friedlander, Scriptwriter, TV reviewer, Celebrity Columnist, Author of 13 books including  ‘Katy Perry’.


We have worked with Annie for several years. As a former Celebrity PA Annie knows what strains can be put on a person and she developed personalized coaching workshops for our network of PA’s. We covered the topics of assertiveness, confidence at interview, and work/life balance. Each workshop/seminar was well structured and researched for the particular needs of the PA’s we represent. Annie always delivered them with the humour and realism that typifies Annie and her work.

Annabel Moorsom, Co – founder SORTED Personal Management.


Annie’s greatest strengths are her wisdom, intuition, and compassion. As a coach, she does not teach you from the position of all superior knowing Master, but rather as a fellow traveller who has been where you are now and knows how hard it is.

Lloyd Davis, Founder, Owner, Path Consulting Ltd.


I undertook a series of hypnotherapy with Annie and from speaking to Annie I was impressed by her clear understanding  and deep knowledge of her craft. This level of Annie’s knowledge and passion  led me to give it a go for the first time.  During the sessions Annie’s  her expertise enabled me to simply allow things to go at their own pace. The outcome was very satisfying and I found I had a different perspective on key aspects of my issue  and that has been very helpful in moving forward.

Gen Ford,  Founder, Ithaca Business.


It has been a pleasure to have worked along with Annie, We can highly recommend her for her very professional and innovative approach with NLP. She was excellent at Self Confidence Coaching and advising the team  with  Managements skills, and also great to help with Stress Management and Motivation. Annie is an amazing lady and great to work with. I recommend her.

Fernando Leon, Close Brothers Ltd.


I worked with Annie over a period of time last year. She was able to give me the emotional support and advice that I needed in guiding my business to the next level. Her warmth and strength of character enabled me to take the risks I needed in order to achieve the results I desired. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach who will support you to be able to think outside the box and really challenge yet engage with yourself ultimately .

Sarah Collier, NLP Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Annie is an inspiring person, and an expert motivator. She knows her business inside and out and conducts each session professionally and with great integrity. She is a joy to know and I would recommend Annie without any hesitation.

Alice Wickham, Marketing Editor, New London, Writers Press.


Annie is highly skilled in her work as a life coach, confidence therapist, she is intuitive, compassionate , strong integrity, fun, open and sincere. I highly recommend her if you need a boost in confidence or for a longer more sustained support in business or personal life.

Emma Leech, 5 Rhythms Movement facilitator with addiction recovery.


Annie is a dynamic and motivational coach, who inspires her clients to maximise their potential.

Lesley Lear, Consultant Mentor at IOEE.


I first met Annie when I heard her give a talk at a networking event for PA’s and I liked her down to earth and warm personality straight away. Working 1-1  with Annie was such a positive experience because she is such a positive person and she has such a strong intuition for what suited me. As you begin to work with her she will often suggest something new based on a feeling she has from something that you might say or thoughts that you relate. She really encouraged me to focus on very positive affirmations and she is always checking in daily – sometimes more than once a day – and offering support virtually and with her wonderful and relaxing MP3s which I would highly recommend. Annie has so many skills and she utilizes all of them to the best of her ability with her coaching. I would highly recommend her and her book ‘Doormat nor Diva Be’.

Lisa Agasee, Executive PA  for Top Achievers.


Annie is an inspirational coach and fantastic at what she does.

Simon Rayner, CEO of Essence Communications.


A few peers …

It has been my pleasure to have known Annie for many years. Not only is she a most wonderful and accomplished coach, but she is also one of the most dynamic and go getting entrepreneurs I have met. Couple that with a loving personality and great compassion and humanity, all in all a most wonderful person. I am delighted to be able to call her my friend,

Gerard O’Donovan, CEO Noble Manhattan Coaching.


Annie is full of passion, humility and a wealth of experience.

Jo Hemmings, Best- selling author, Celebrity Psychologist, ITV This Morning.


Annie’s skills as a coach help and motivate so many women.
Lynne Franks,  Uk’s leading Women’s Empowerment Guru.


Annie has a refreshing, contemporary approach.

Lynda Field, Psychotherapist, Author of 17 best- selling books.


Annie is a highly sought after coach and hypnotherapist, who I highly recommend to clients and colleagues.

Ian Marber, AKA Food Doctor, TV Expert, UK’s Leading Nutritionalist, Best-selling Author of 6 books.


Annie is without question one of the most highly respected and most sought after coaches.  She is authentic, wise,  and integral and her methods are extremely effective.

Gary Quinn, Founder of Touchstone, Best-selling Author, Hollywood Coach to the stars.


Annie is without doubt one of the most authentic coaches I have ever worked with. Her blend of empathy, high level of awareness, depth of knowledge, expertise and no nonsense approach makes her a highly respected and much sought after coach, author and speaker. Working with Annie on a National  project for Yahoo was both a pleasure and a privilege, plus  I very much valued her input as an expert on Britain’s Next Top Coach.

Ian Banyard, MCIPD, Managing Director, Co –Founder of Britain’s Next Top Coach.


Annie’s coaching is unique as she blends her wisdom, skills, training and knowledge with her real life skills through her own experience and creates a bespoke programme which enables you to achieve fast results whilst being authentic and integral.

Kevin Laye, Owner, Progress Therapy, Cameltrain.


Annie is a seasoned coach and healer. She is frank, honest, down to earth and understands the issues of everyday people through to those at the top of the entertainment industry as she has been there and worked with them. She combines that with a spiritual awareness which is important in the times we live where so many people are looking to find their true selves whether they know it or not.

Rasheed Ogunlaru, Broadcaster, Speaker, Coach and Author of ‘Soul Trader’.


In a world full of coaches promising to help you change a phobia to a hairstyle, Annie stands out. I know first hand her work as a success coach has made  a genuine and positive difference to the fortunate clients who have hired her. Feedback from clients she helped when we worked together as a part of a National DWP/Job Centre Plus programme are ample testimony to this.

Martin Goodyer, Psychologist, The Behaviour Clinic.


Annie is a true professional and a very genuine person. She is not full of hype, she actually delivers. I find her extremely knowledgeable and an active inspiration.

Terry Malloy, Principle at Videofocus, Co – Founder of Britain’s Next Top Coach.


Annie Ashdown, just the kick up the arse your life needs.

Ali Campbell, Celebrity life coach, NLP hypnotherapist and Best-Selling Author.


A few workshop testimonials…

I would thoroughly recommend Annie’s workshops to absolutely everyone. Annie is an amazing facilitator and she creates a safe and nurturing environment, in which it is possible to be open about issues in your life that may be causing you pain or holding you back in some way. There is no pressure to participate in any of the exercises if you are not comfortable doing so, and there is always a great feeling of respect for everyone in the group. By the end of the workshop I experienced tears and laughter and sadness and joy, but above all, I took away the knowledge that I had the inner strength to take charge of my life and my thinking, and knowing that I am doing OK just as you I am right now.

Suzy M, London.


I believe Annie’s workshops will have a lasting impact on your life and will open your mind to all sorts of new possibilities and opportunities. They will definitely change your life for the better. It is hard trying to convey just how amazing Annie is. I’ve still been thinking about it the workshop a lot and the effect it had on me. I think it has really shifted something for me, and has had more of an impact than all the years of reading self help books and having counselling ever has. Thank you once again – I think you’ll probably have a big demand for more of these workshops in future!

Marion T, Bath.


Attending Annie Ashdown’s workshop was a complete revelation at a crunch point in my life. To be able to be amongst like minded women whilst learning invaluable tools to help me further myself both personally and professionally was priceless. I now feel I have the skills to behave in a smooth, focused and articulate manner to show me at my best. I will definitely be attending more of Annie’s workshops in order to gain more effective, insightful and necessary assertiveness techniques and help me in every area of my life.

Jay L, USA.


Hi Annie, wow what a truly amazing workshop. I got so much out of it I didn’t expect, BIG thanks.

Claire S, London.


Thank you so much Annie, the workshop at the weekend was amazing, and I never had anything like it. Please let me know when your next one is.

Macy R, Herts.


Dear Annie, the workshop was great and I was touched, in awe, surprised and shocked at what I took from it. It was very interesting and inspiring. Though we were all strangers, there was a deep sense of connection and mutual respect. I learned a great deal and felt refreshed and renewed. Every woman needs to recharge her batteries and get insights, motivation, and input. This Louise Hay workshop did this for me. Thank you.

Marion J, Kent.


I wanted to write and thank you for such an amazing workshop this weekend. I learnt so much and at times it was deeply moving to share the experiences between us the way we did. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it. Thanks again and keep up the amazing work.

Janis K, Bucks.


It was an absolute pleasure to attend your workshop and I can’t think of a better person to have facilitated it. What a lovely group of people. You made it possible for us all to be completely ourselves and I will never forget what a very powerful and special experience it was. I cannot thank you enough, count me in for any future workshops.

Tracy R, London


WOW – My head is still spinning from the workshop, thanks so much. It was an amazing 2 days. I was led down a path that feels so right for me to be exploring at this point, although I am blown away by the power of it all and feel very humbled. You did an amazing job in facilitating it. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….so much for your support and wisdom.

Serena P, London.


I attended Annie Ashdown’s workshop and found the exercises Annie offered incredibly helpful. It really got the group of people in the room to open up an share. Annie is incredibly empathetic and her personality is perfect for coaching because you trust her but also know she will gently push you out of your comfort zone.

Jennie W, London


I found the whole experience of a workshop very inspiring and comforting. It made me feel I was not alone in my aspirations and frustrations. The way Annie led the group in a very non intimidating way was very impressive. Annie is good humoured in her approach but knows when to push buttons and get underneath our protective shell to really get to the heart of our issue.

Fiona A, Scotland.


I found Annie’s workshop hugely inspiring and productive. Annie techniques have enabled me to tap my ability to be assertive. She creates a calming safe environment. She has a warm, peaceful aura which radiates love and positivity. I highly recommend these workshops.

Nina K, London.


Annie’s workshops offered me a chance to focus on the areas I felt needed attention. She provides first rate and inspiring tools to empower and most importantly make positive changes. Annie has an instant and natural trust factor which makes the workshops enjoyable and helpful.

Bernie T,  NYC.


I found Annie’s workshop a safe, warm environment to either express myself or absorb the information in a less proactive way. She is very empathetic in her approach. I strongly recommend anyone who is open to the journey of self -discovery to give these very special workshops a go.

Mandy D, London.


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