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During this quiz you will be asked to respond to various questions and it is crucial you are honest with yourself and not answer them how you feel you ‘should’.  It is simple to take, and to answer all 50 questions will only use up 5-10 minutes of your time.

Although we are in the 21st century and much has been written about boundaries, co–dependency, so few people actually value themselves and stand up for themselves and/ or ask for what they want professionally or personally due to lack of self –confidence, low self–esteem and lack of self-assurance. This quiz will help you gain clarity around your confidence and esteem levels. I have developed it from  existing psychological surveys and critical questions many clients have asked me over the years.

Please get real here. It is not about you feeling shame; it is about discovering a heightened self -awareness to empower yourself.

Please select the statements that apply to you, regardless of the frequency (sometimes or often).

1. I say yes to things I don’t want to do.
2. I diminish myself by putting myself down.
3. I allow others to put me down in a jokey and non-jokey way.
4. I worry about what others think of me.
5. I settle for less by having low expectations.
6. I allow fear to stop me from achieving my goals.
7. I struggle to say ‘No’ without justifying my reason.
8. I ignore my intuition and do what others suggest.
9. I don’t feel I earn what I deserve.
10. I feel guilty when I haven’t done anything wrong.
11. I compare and despair.
12. I feel anxious most of the time.
13. I focus on the negative.
14. I have a reluctance to put myself first.
15. I struggle to accept compliments.
16. I feel more comfortable giving than receiving.
17. I feel I have a lack of social skills.
18. I fail to recognise the full potential of my abilities.
19. I struggle to reveal my innermost thoughts.
20. I have unrealistic expectations of perfection.
21. I have a fear of change.
22. I don’t like making mistakes.
23. I have a habit of idolising others.
24. I feel inferior to others.
25. I justify and defend my actions.
26. I become defensive or defiant when criticised.
27. I shower someone with compliments to win them over.
28. I constantly beat myself up.
29. I feel inadequate and incompetent.
30. I have an inability to discern who and when to trust.
31. I tend to remain in partnerships that are unsatisfying or abusive.
32. I have firm opinions.
33. I judge others who think differently to me.
34. I doubt my ability to make good decisions.
35. I take things personally and am overly sensitive.
36. I tend to attribute my success to luck.
37. I have no idea what pleases me as I am too busy pleasing others.
38. I feel insecure and I need my family’s/friends’ approval.
39. I attract toxic people.
40. I don’t feel I deserve success.
41. I worry when others don’t like me.
42. I don’t go for promotion.
43. I feel I must always be a follower, rather than a leader.
44. I feel furious with myself if I make a mistake.
45. I struggle to take criticism from others, even when constructive.
46. I fear confrontation.
47. I bottle up my anger, and then feel resentful.
48. I find it hard to let go of toxic people.
49. I feel miserable not being in a relationship.
50. I quit when things don’t go my way

You will receive a copy of your results via email.

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