Smart Ways to Deal With Difficult People


I thought I was smart when I  worked in TV. I was having conversations, but didn’t get to say a word…

Difficult people spoke over me the entire time.

Everything became a drama, and it drove me insane.

Each of us encounter difficult people and sometimes walking away is the solution, but this isn’t always possible, especially  if it’s our boss or family member.

I used to complain to friends ‘they drive me crazy’

However  after getting The Confidence Factor I learned that I was giving them too much power by allowing them to rent a space in my head.

We have to get smart around clinging, controlling, competetive, negative personalities.

It’s important to  be accountable for our part of any interaction with difficult people.  Animosity is created within ourselves. Detachment is always the smartest move.

They don’t back down when you demonstrate why they are wrong and you are right. Their capacity to criticize and judge is endless.They are not interested in facts, they are only interested in being right.

Be strong and stand up for yourself. Deep down they feel insecure and inadequate which is why they like to make others feel not good enough, so don’t let your ego get in the way by trying to prove you are right, illustrate with your actions and words you are NOT intimidated.

Difficult people crave attention. Don’t give it to them!

Any sign of emotion is like a red flag to a bull. They see this as weakness and will try even harder to upset you.  Get  t The Confidence Factor  and stand your ground as they will quite likely back off.

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