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Bespoke Programs for Amazing People

I can help you remove the blocks that are keeping you from achieving what you’d like in your life. Having the flexibility to change is good – having the courage to transform your life is even better! You are in the driving seat. You can go for it and live large. Or stay where you are. Your call.

Consider this; ‘What is the emotional or financial cost of not taking action and not changing what’s not working for you ?’

l deliver the target support, guidance and accountability you require to take your life to the next level.  You will be held accountable and asked to make commitments during the coaching. If you don’t remain committed to yourself I will encourage you to look at the reasons for this so you can clear any additional limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that are sabotaging your success.

What’s your biggest dream for 2019?

What’s are your biggest fears for 2019?

If you are settling for a less than extraordinary life it is either because you feel you are not worthy of anything more or because you don’t know how to make changes.

What does your intution tell you your life will be like in  3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 5 years if you change nothing?

It is possible to re write your script.

It is possible to live an extraordinary life

It is possible to increase your self confidence, self belief and self esteem and be an exception.


All my coaching programmes are personalized and designed to help you break through your resistances, in order for you to reach your goals with  check in’s with me via emails, text, whats app or phone in between sessions when you want it and where you need it the most.

My hypnotherapy has a value added component to create inner shifts, de stress, and harmonise mind, body, spirit and/or to accelerate, motivate and inspire and/or a multi- sensory energetic intuitive reading.

So many people chose to ‘wing it’ when it comes to making changes. But that doesn’t work. When you try to implement change by yourself, it simply doesn’t work. You don’t have the infrastructure that you require to support you.

Habits, patterns and behaviours can only be changed through practise, repetition, guidance and support. Decades of self – sabotage cannot be reframed within a few sessions.

We meet by Skype/ Phone or in Person and engage in depth conversations during each session where we will create your future, design a strategy to get there and I will offer support along with tools to face any obstacles fearlessly along the way.

All office and home visits add an additional fee.

Many find life is going really well but if they don’t have a robust engine and a strong internal support system every time they hit a roadblock or something or someone triggers them, what often happens is; they slowly slip back into old habits.

Habitation must serve you, not hold you back. Temptations arise daily for all of us to lure us off the path. When we give into those temptations we slip backwards or stay stuck.

The end of working with me is the beginning of your new normal.

I take on many roles when we work together:

A Success Coach who offers  more than just focusing on secular elements of life such as skills, goals setting and habits

A Clinical Hypnotherapist who understands the subconscious mind and can help you learn faster more effective ways of increasing your self worth

A Soon to be Three Times Published Author, Contributor to the Press, Keynote Speaker and Expert on TV  who knows how to help you communicate effectively to get what you want.

A Consultant who draws on 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, creative freelancer and business owner

A Strategist who creates effective and doable, step by step plans.

An Intuitive who has an art, a subtle nuance to help you powerfully gauge your energy and release blockages that keep you from moving forward.

A Licensed Louise Hay Teacher  who can create positive transformation in your life, merging new powerful practises and philosphy’s into your daily living 

Energy Healer & EFT Practioner  who helps you discover the core issue of a challenge, gets to the bottom of a specific challenge and why it is holding such a charge for you.

An Authentic Expert  only offer clients actionable change strategies I use myself. I hit rock bottom and turned my life around – I know what works and what doesn’t.

No more excuses,  no more blocks, no more playing small.

Some people do manage to do it on their own. I had to. However, it took me YEARS to get to where I am now.

Wouldn’t you like to learn  what NOT to do and see results NOW?

  • Have you achieved success but have goals that feel ‘challenging’  right now?
  • Are you feeling stuck about what direction you are heading in?
  • Have you achieved your dream but are secretly plagued by fears, self – doubt, low self -esteem and prone to resist change?
  • Do you struggle to embrace change and uncertainty?
  • Do you achieve success and then self – sabotage?

If you were going to do this on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s challenging to have breakthroughs in isolation. Why not open yourself to receive the help, support and guidance and expert feedback you deserve  that will finally allow you to make that leap to the next level?

  • Imagine how it would feel to make 2019 extraordinary?
  • How would it feel to make the shift from settling for mediocrity to one that fulfils you on new levels?
  • Imagine transforming fear into self – assurance, conquering your inner critic and becoming a person of influence?
  • Perhaps you are successful but you feel ready for more? 
  • How would it feel to be prosperous in all areas of your life?

A Few Success Stories

– A client I coached was working for a high street store and dreamt of starting a business but was full of fear and self -doubt.  Within a few months of our first session together she had secured an investor and now has a thriving business with her designs on sale in stores in New York and LA.

-A client left her full time employment and started as a freelancer. She felt nervous about discussing fees and consequently ended up working crazy hours and earning very little.  She allowed clients to overstep her boundaries and take advantage of her kindess and was not only exhausted but financially struggling to survive. Within a few months we had redesigned her business model and completely changed her pricing structure and re positioned her on social media. Her income has tripled and she is working smarter, not harder.

-A client was continually attracting commitment phobes and unhealthy relationships.  He wanted a committed, healthy  relationship. Firstly we worked on identifying and dissolving his unconscious blocks to love, hidden fears  and patterns he was repeating without realising, then we got a clear picture of what he wanted in a partner, then I helped him to create the right conditions for healthy love to enter.  He is now living with his ideal partner and is beyond happy, being in a loving and committed relationship in a way he has never experienced before.

– One of my clients lived in London and had a dream to move to LA. She was frozen with fear, and had procrastinated for years. After working with me she now lives in LA and is living the dream.

– A super successful entrepreneur  who was a client had built an empire but was terrified of public speaking. He had turned down many requests to speak. Then he received a public award and had to get past his fear. After one hypnotherapy session with me he found his ‘voice’. He stood up on the podium and delivered an amazing speech to a vast crowd and loved every second of it.

– A top achieving client was fearful  of speaking up to her bully boss and started dreading going to work. She started having  panic attacks and was shocked at how much it was affecting her as she always felt she was always pretty confident. She had tried every which way to communicate effectively to her boss to no avail.  After  working with me she increased her self -confidence and self esteem so much she started standing up to him in a non agressive, assertive way and the dynamics have completely changed. He has given her an increase in salary, promoted her and now treats her with the upmost respect.

– A client of mine was in a loving  relationship and for the most was very happy but her partner was 100% non-committal. She was 42 and wanted marriage and children.  By applying the strategies I suggested (which are completely NON manipulative), she found the  courage and confidence to set  and maintain boundaries and take a huge risk by laying down an ultimatum; everything dramatically changed……….They are now happily married with a baby on the way.

– A client I coached was procrastinating  around her dream to be a debut novelist for the longest time as she was so fearful of rejection and full of self –doubt. She had a small prudent reserve and made the decision to invest most of that in coaching one -to-one.  When we started working together she was begrudgingly applying for corporate roles. After a few sessions with me  we unblocked her fears, and I inspired and supported her to live her dream and apply  my framework for writing. She started focusing on her dream novel.  A few months later she secured a prestigious agent and shortly after she secured a  book deal from a major publishers.

Isn’t it time to make an investment in YOU?

My coaching is not for everyone.

My coaching is high flame. My clients get to chose if  they want the flame turned up or turned down.

My clients require commitment, courage and a willingness to reframe their perspective.

When You are Ready to Talk.

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