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Doormat Nor Diva Be



Doormat nor diva be combines the candid self-help teachings of He’s Just Not That Into You with the fictional style of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City. Doormat nor diva be introduces empowering strategies for successful relationships, including: ways to rediscover yourself as a woman of substance; assertive, effective communication skills; how to say no with confidence and ease and how to overcome neediness and insecurity.


Anne Marie is the founder of The Self Confidence Centre and one of the UK’s leading coaches, specialising in intuitive coaching, emotional freedom technique and theta healing. She is a master clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Louise Hay teacher. It was after hitting rock bottom and working through her own difficulties that Anne Marie recognised the tangible benefits that coaching can bring to so many parts of our lives. She decided to change career direction in order to help others gain confidence, raise self esteem and maximise their potential. Anne Marie is passionate about supporting women, offering practical tools for them to be assertive in a non-aggressive way. Anne Marie’s ‘tough love’ approach is practical and down to earth, but tempered with a dose of humour and more often than not related to her own life experiences.


In Doormat Nor Diva be you will discover;

  • How to boost confidence and self- esteem.
  • How to be more assertive.
  • How to get clear around your values.
  • How to set boundaries.


 What people say…

I found this to be extremely informative, sensitive and it gave a language to aspects of life that have always bothered me which is very helpful and enlightening.. I like the concise nature of the book… I also bought Annie Ashdown’s last book, Doormat nor Diva and found that amazingly useful. My husband kept dipping into it too… I think in our society we are quite starved of real ‘meat and potatoes’ information about relational dynamics in all areas really.

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I think people like myself who struggle with self confidence and esteem issues would benefit from a guide to life in these areas, so I’m glad to have another book by Ms Ashdown. I wish everyone had a copy and understood about the space between people and how important it is to negotiate it well…. I am an Annie Ashdown fan.

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What a brilliant and well informed book. It’s one of those that you pick up, and then you just can’t stop reading it until you’ve finished. Some books I’ve read which identify core differences between men and women, in my view, seem to encourage women to play games and manipulate in order to achieve success in healthy relationships. This book is far more about understanding human psychology and truly responding to it in the most effective way to garner positive and effective communication skills. It acknowledges little habitual patterns that play out in relationships – which as the older I get, the more I relate to… and how to deal with those and stay in control. It’s funny. I always thought that kicking and screaming were a way of communicating power and from this I draw that by letting someone else effect you to such a point – you entirely lose control of yourself. A book that must be read by everyone! Well done Annie!! p.s. one of my favourite lines in the book is about laying down entirely to please someone else, and then expecting them to respect you for it – soooo true!

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Wow – What an amazing thought provoking book, having had my own run in of pretty disastrous relationships in the past, it opened my eyes to how I was behaving and reacting within relationships, I knew I was a bit of a Diva, but my gosh I really am a DIVA ! But Diva no more … I am going to use this book to help me unfold the real me, and work towards being ME within a relationship ! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this book that I have bought all my closest friends a copy for Xmas.

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A finger on the pulse self-help book with an insightful message in every page. I found this an easy read with lots of good case studies and exercises to keep you actively involved really helping you to see where you’re at in the relationship minefield. A must read, I loved it!

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This book is such a great read. With Annie’s Excellent advice, experiences and real case studies it was really helpful. If you are making the move from a doormat to a diva, this book is definitely for you!

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Modern, refreshing, fun and full of practical tips as well as elements of Annie’s own story woven in, this is a great, thought – provoking book that will help any woman who has doubts about her relationship with her man. And there’s not a whiff of the overly self- help book about it. —Daily Express

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“All of us have a story to tell and the way Annie Ashdown has artfully woven hers with others in the language and images of today together with her skills as a coach has created a very readable book that will help and motivate so many other women in turn” —Lynne Franks, Author, Entrepreneur, PR Guru

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`Annie’s book is full of passion, humility and a wealth of experience. She both understands and expresses with flair and empathy the most important, enduring and significant relationship that any of us will ever have – the relationship with our own selves.’ —Jo Hemmings, Best- selling Author, Celebrity Psychologist


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