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How would it feel to relax easily and drift off every night into a restful sleep?

Many people can’t switch their thoughts off at night, and some turn to sleeping pills for relief. Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning from time to time and wake up feeling sluggish, with little energy, dreading the alarm going off?

Do you ever find yourself consuming lots of coffee and energy drinks to boost your energy in the morning or around 3/4pm when you feel an energy dip?

Sleep problems generally come from a busy mind, and /or fear/ stress or anxiety on some level. This Mp3 will relax you and gently massage your mind so you overcome any restfulness, and lose your inner mental chatter. You will find your mind effortlessly quietening down and your body feeling soothed all over.  This Mp3 will help slow down your brainwaves and help you have a blissful sleep.

This 45 minute hypnotherapy Mp3 will help you awake with ease, helping you feel stronger, more alert and more energised in a safe way with no side effects.


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