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The Confidence Factor: The seven secrets of successful people



The Confidence Factor will explain the 7 simple steps to getting confident and mastering your emotions so you can feel strong whatever life throws at you. – If you don’t have confidence within yourself, why would anyone else have confidence in you?

A lack of self -confidence can affect anybody, whether you’re the director of a company or a student at university, you can be taken advantage of, passed over for promotion without achieving your potential. When you have self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence you stand up for yourself, you know what you want and go for it and you gain respect. Confidence is the key.

Annie Ashdown, Harley Street Master Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach, had no confidence for many years, but gradually developed the 7 secrets to self-confidence which transformed her life. Packed with insightful advice, top tricks and tips from high profile people, along with practical techniques, The Confidence Factor reveals the secrets for gaining confidence, explains what is confidence and how to be confident, discover:

• Accessible advice and practical tips on gaining self-confidence

• Straightforward techniques that have immediate effect

• The confidence tricks high-profile successful people use

• The seven traits of self-confident people


What people say…

The Confidence Factor is a MUST read. Annie Ashdown has done an outstanding job of explaining what real self – confidence is, which has really opened my eyes. I have read so many books promising me I will boost my confidence and self – esteem, yet nothing as practical, easy to read and effective as The Confidence Factor. Annie Ashdown writes intelligently, but also from her heart. This book is an excellent choice and is presented in clear language, with case studies easy to relate to. I am buying it for gifts and also recommending it to all of my friends.

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Here is a woman who knows her stuff and is so generously and passionately sharing it. What a gift. A real inspiration.

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Annie’s voice speaks throughout with warmth, authenticity and encouragement making it so easy to follow and recreate. What I love most is that she speaks from experience and a huge knowledge on this subject.

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This book for me is full of wonderful, empowering, accessible tools that work! I just love her approach. (I have read and loved her previous book ‘Dormat nor Diva be’ and boy did that change my thinking and behaviours). Thank you Annie Ashdown.

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This book is a call to arms. Arms to love yourself enough to take responsibility for your life, to take accountability for positive actions and to focus on creating the wonderful life you know you can have. Annie is a loving, generous, feisty, huge hearted companion on your journey through the book, one minute inspiring you with remarkable ‘against the odds’ success stories, the next helping you eliminate negative patterns, thoughts or beliefs that might be stopping you from manifesting yours. This book helps you really believe you can do it and then shows you how.

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I’m the first to be cynical about so-called self help books, but this is a breath of fresh air and eminently readable. It’s packed full of practical tips and is particularly good for women who often lack self esteem, particularly in the work place. Annie rightly points out that self confidence starts from within and we have to know and understand ourselves before we can start portraying feelings of self worth on others. Highly recommended.

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Loved this book…the quotes and case studies made it really enjoyable and easy to read. Simple ideas and concepts and great to get some practical ideas how to put the theory into use.

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I recommend this book, it’s AMAZING. I really found it practical and easy to read. You can tell Annie Ashdown really walks her talk. Thank you Annie, another corker!


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