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Annie’s clients hire her as a hypnotherapist when they have issues with stress, fear and/or anxiety or require energising and motivating, to manage weight loss, overcome insomnia, raise self – esteem, boost motivation and focus,  and much more.

Through using a mix of ancient traditions and latest innovations her unique personalised sessions enhance health and well – being by uplifting the soul and reducing stress, nurturing, calming and soothing to bring relaxation.

Annie specialise’s in: building self –confidence, self – assurance and self – belief,  increasing self – esteem,  resilience, stress management, harmonizing body, mind and spirit ( with a value added spiritual component) , overcoming insomnia, conquering anxiety, public speaking/presentations, overcoming procrastination to become  more accelerated, motivated and focused, setting and achieving goals.

What is Hypnotherapy and is it different from stage hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is healing by natural trance state. There are many forms of psychological therapy’s however Hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it addresses the subconscious mind to take you into an enhanced state of awareness and if you don’t reframe the subconscious mind old habits and behaviours will return. Hypnotherapy is very different from stage hypnosis, which is a form of entertainment. Hypnotherapy involves your conscious mind becoming supressed and your subconscious mind being revealed. It alters your state of consciousness so that the left hand side of your brain is turned off and the non -analytical side of your brain becomes more alert.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session with Annie?

Sessions last between 60 or 90 minutes. Firstly it is crucial you know you can ask Annie to stop at any time. You can hear and respond to every part of the process. Hypnotherapy offers you a drug free, effective, relaxing choice for lasting change. You are fed positive affirmations and powerful statements to reframe your thinking. Your breathing becomes slower and deeper, pulse rate drops and metabolic rate falls so you feel cam and centred. Annie utilise’s a wide range of techniques from storytelling, metaphor or symbolism to feeding seeds, ideas and concepts which are firmly planted for beneficial change.

Who can benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Anyone who:

  • Wants to raise confidence, self – esteem, motivation
  • Wants to become more assertive
  • Wants more motivation and to improve work performance
  • Wants to tap into their incredible strengths and hidden power to achieve more.
  • Wants to reframe old habits, negative thoughts and behaviours
  • Wants to overcome insomnia
  • Wants to overcome panic attacks
  • Wants to lose weight
  • Wants to overcome stress and anxieties
  • Wants to overcome fear of public speaking
  • Wants to improve memory, motivation and focus
  • And more…

*This is not an exhaustive list but is designed to give you an idea of the range of conditions hypnotherapy can help with. If you have clinical depression, schizophrenia, or epilepsy, please consult your GP first.

What they are saying.

‘For 15 years I have not exercised. I loathe sport. I find exercise repellent. I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy. After one session with Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Intuitive and Author of The Confidence  Factor  Annie Ashdown, the very next day I started my fitness plan‘. Annabel Brog, Editorial Director,  ELLE Magazine.

‘If you want to make profound changes. I highly recommend  you hire Annie Ashdown’. Ian Marber AKA The Food Doctor, UK’s Leading Nutritionist.

 ‘Annie is full of wisdom with a wealth of experience and her techniques are amazing’! Jo Hemmings, Psychologist, ITV. This Morning.

 ‘After sessions with Annie, I am much more confident in my ability to bounce back and I am certainly facing up to challenges, which I would usually avoid.’ Sharon Walker. Features Editor, Harpers Bazaar.

 ‘Annie is highly credible. Her talent for engaging and allowing her warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none.  I highly recommend her’ Jess Huie. MBE. Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain

It is essential Annie continue’s to remain 100% integral. If  she feels her style and approach may not be the right match for you, she will refer you to another hypnotherapist that she feels may suit you better.

When You Are Ready. Please contact Lisa