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Curious if we are a match? Me too-why not book a “discovery call” today?

I would be delighted to discuss your requirements. By scheduling a  ‘discovery call’ we can explore where you are right now and where you want to get to. Am I the right coach for you?  Only you can answer that. My level of coaching is not for everyone.

My one – to – one services are limited to a selected number of clients each year to ensure this exceptional service level can be sustained at all times. Business’s, individuals, celebrities  and parents  of teens hire me because I am a powerful coach and have been successfully helping  thousands of clients since 2002 make big changes, develop self – confidence, build self – esteem and much more.

How to get in touch with Annie Ashdown

If you would like to be in touch, here’s what to do:

You can contact me by phone:  077389 388072 .

Or use the form below.

Are you receiving  your Newsletters?

Some tell me they are not. It happens. Spam filters are making it harder for email to get through. First check your spam filters and make sure your ISP is accepting email from, then re-subscribe by visiting the home page. If that doesn’t work, please email me at or fill in the form below.

Did you lose the online access to‘get the confidence factor’ course?

If you purchased the ‘get the confidence factor course’and have  lost this access, let us know with the form below and we’ll provide it to you after looking up your record.

Facebook Live Video Sessions

I get a lot of questions about how to increase confidence, build more resilience and raise self – esteem.  I really can’t provide  free coaching, resources or referrals by email unless you are an existing client or you are part of my face book community. I encourage you to join it and to also join me in the Live Video Sessions  where you recieve proven strategies for increasing your confidence, conquering our inner critic,  dealing with rejection, getting comfortable with criticism, embracing uncertainity, becoming more assertive, becoming a person of influence and achieving the life you want and deserve and you get to ask questions.  

Spam and Privacy Policy

You will NOT be endlessly bombarded with emails and promotions, nor will you be added to an email list of any kind or your name shared to anyone for ANY reason. I value your email privacy. I may ocassionally send you an email alerting you or upcoming talks or workshops and the Facebook Live Video Sessions.

Click on Submit when ready to send. Remember, I am not able to provide free coaching, feedback, resources or referrals unless you are already a client or part of my facebook community.

Dont forget to catch up with me for regular tips on Facebook.

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