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About Annie


Here’s what I know for sure when I dropped the shame and got comfortable with who I was, it was the  biggest gift I could ever have given myself. 

When I no longer lived my life  based on what others thought of me, I began to embrace not just an attitude, but a lifestyle.  

I know only to well about fears, the lack of self – belief, the resistance to change, feeling uneasy around uncertainity, stressed, stuck, feeling overwhelmed.

  • I used to have more issues than Vogue.  I have worked through stacks of them. I am work in progress.
  • I love Body Pump, Pilates and Spinning
  • I cry when I watch ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ I guess I just love courageous children and kind adults that much.
  • For years I drank for Britain and smoked like a chimney. Trust me, I am aware I could look a whole lot worse and am aware I could also look a  whole lot better. 
  • I love chick lit and am unapologetic for my love for this genre
  • I know I do not have the monopoly on pain and grief
  • I used to be a moaning Minnie who hated going out with anyone who moaned as it got in the way of my moaning.
  • I love my Diptique candles, and incense sticks as much as I love my Marc Jacobs bags, and Moschino wallets
  • I am an avid  fan of Lisa Vanderpump – a successful British entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, activist, TV personality living in LA who uses her wealth and platform to not only think of herself and her family but to consciously think of others who don’t have such luxuries. 


I went through life for many years the hard way making a ton of mistakes. 

I know what works and what doesn’t.

I spent years trapped in limiting beliefs, being full of insecurity and low self esteem, shrinking to fit in with others and not using my voice.

I hired a  coach in 2002. My perspectives changed profoundly so I left the world of tv and film and decided to become a coach myself in 2002.

Since 2003 I have worked as a success coach, master hypnotherapist, author, high level intuitive, keynote speaker, guest expert on TV, business strategist, energy healer, and eft practioner.

I have helped hundreds of individuals and groups by bringing real, actionable value to their lives.

I have helped them counteract the culture of perfectionism and embrace their power, help them respect and act upon their hearts beliefs, have faith, insist others treat them with respect, be brave, step into their greatness, lose the self doubt and keep going, doing things that challenge them, which  has taken them to greater levels of personal and professional success.  


I have attracted significant media attention, received hundreds of glowing testimonials and referrals, and The Confidence Factor  has sold in 8 countries, and has been translated into 6 languages.

I have just written my debut novel.

My success has seen me in front of a number of TV programs including co hosting 15 episodes of ‘Kyles Academy’ for ITV1 with Jeremy Kyle,  resident Coach on Bump and Grind, Sky 1, Expert on ‘Too Fat for Work’ on Channel 5,  and Judge on ‘Britain’s next top coach’.

I have been quoted in Glamour,  Sunday Telegraph, Elle, Red, Psychologies,  The Times, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, amongst many others.  

I am Ambassador for Dove,  Confidence Expert in ‘real confidence’ Psychologies Magazine first branded book. I am on the panel of  Experts for Psychologies Magazine, a Blogger on The Huffington Post, Expert for ( the largest recruitment agency globally online) Confidence Expert on Getthe and, e harmony  Expert for Philips Sonicare, and Confidence Expert for  TV show –The Job Academy

The Confidence Factor‘  hit the top 10 WH Smith charts within a week of being launched and remained there for many months. I was excited to hear it was sat next to One Direction and Miranda Hart and I suddenly became ‘dopes’ according to my teen clients.

The Confidence Factor‘ has been voted  one of the top 6  self-help books alongside JK Rowling, Sheryl Sanderson and Arianna Huffington.

Through all these channels I have helped thousands of individuals tap into the  gap between how they are expected to be on the outside and how they actually feel inside.

However wonderful these accomplishments are and as appreciative as I am – I have dealt with some hard core lessons since 2003 which have taught me to embrace uncertainty, become more resilient and remain open to the curveballs life throws, many of which have brought fabulous surprises and keep gratittude in my attitude.

My passion, commitment and unwavering desire to be of service has never waned. 


I offer  support, guidance and accountability to those who are committed to taking their life to the next level.

I  am humbled by the amount of emails I recieve from people all over the globe thanking me for helping them feel empowered and become more accepting of their shortcomings and foibles.  

Many tell me it helps them hugely to not feel alone as they identify and resonate to my sharing that I spent years feeling inadequate.


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I will shortly be hosting live Q&A on Facebook. I will walk you through the way to become the most self – assured person you know, then open the floor up for questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and read this far.

My  tough love approach is practical and down to earth,

…tempered with a dose of humour.

Helping People Thrive…  

Having Hit Bottom and Bounced Back…

A lot of my work is more often than not related to my life experiences. 

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