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About Annie

Here’s what I know for sure; dropping the shame and getting comfortable with whom you are is the  biggest gift you could ever give yourself.  When you don’t live your life based on what others think of you, you embrace not just an attitude, but a lifestyle.  

I know only to well about fears, the lack of self – belief, the resistance to change, feeling uneasy around uncertainity, stressed, stuck, feeling overwhelmed.

I went through life the hard way making a ton of mistakes. 

I know what works and what doesn’t.

Dont believe me?  Wondering “Who is Annie Ashdown  and what qualifies her to tell me how to make radical changes in my life?”

I am a success coach, master hypnotherapist, soon to be three times published author, intuitive, keynote speaker, guest expert on TV, strategist, energy healer, eft practioner, and eternal optimist who loves Tom Jones. 

I have had more come backs than Tom Jones.

So I am writing this for you as I have spent 15 years devoted to helping thousands counteract the culture of perfectionism and accept that they are more than enough exactly as they are. 


A London born girl, born into a  middle class half Irish, half English family privileged enough to live in a safe neighbourhood  and receive a private education.

I was a successful model at age 8.

I suffered a lot of bullying.

At age 12 I was expelled from a catholic convent.

I was marched by my parents to another catholic convent.  I  was so busy rebelling, not paying attention in class, I left school with virtually no qualifications.

I felt unfulfilled, incomplete and riddled in shame.

My teachers said I had the potential to achieve huge success as I was super bright. My parents were understandably  disappointed – wanting me to go to university, take a law degree to become a lawyer. 


I signed up with an agent working as a  commercial  model, and an actress. I started drinking heavily and soon became a familiar face on the London club scene.

I enjoyed working in theatre, on TV and shooting commercials, however whilst on the verge of huge success I self-sabotaged. 

I switched to becoming an entrepreneur raising venture capital, starting up businesses.

I achieved  success with some ventures and created a big hot mess with others.


I worked in casting, PR,  TV production, and celebrity brokerage between Hollywood, New York and London. I loved mingling with Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson, Cher, and other high profiles.

I found myself feeling more ‘on purpose’  when I motivated, inspired  and supported others to achieve their dreams. Don’t take me wrong, I had dreams for myself – but I always had BIG dreams for others.

I was the brain behind the brand for several people whose businesses have gone onto achieve  huge successes.

I struggled within myself. I couldn’t shake this feeling. I knew I wanted to change my life but didn’t know how to go about it.

I  was in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. I didn’t love myself  enough to make the right choices. 

I somehow found the courage to walk out.

My mum unexpectedly died. I had a meltdown. 

Randomly, I was headhunted by a  millionaire TV personality.

I agreed to head up a new business venture for him.

Boom – it was a success and my team and I made him a lotta money.


I wasn’t happy. My ego loved having a personal driver, a personal trainer and a personal stylist, and a big fat bank account but my soul kept crying.  

Something happened which I found unacceptable.  I left.

I hit a huge rock bottom.

Once again I hit yet another cull de sac and felt frustrated. 

I suffered severe panic attacks.

I entered into a dark place and began a  journey of self-discovery. I took a multitude of jobs to keep the wolves from the door.

I got myself together and decided to train as a psychologist. After 18 -24 months I decided it was not the path for me. 

I decided I  wanted to help people move forward, not backwards, to offer practical, effective tools to bring about tangible change.

I wanted to help people learn to love and accept themselves, not ‘fix’ themselves.

I felt, angry, I felt resentful, I felt hopeless and I was fast running out of money.


A friend suggested I hire a life coach she had been told was amazing.

Coaching was fairly new in UK. I didn’t understand the benefits. Having suffered turbulent times financially and having just  a small prudent reserve I was reticent to part with any of it. 

I was done tolerating and accepting relationships where I wasn’t being valued.

I was done with feeling stuck, stressed and unhappy.

I was done with allowing people to stand on me so they could make themselves feel taller.

I was done with not being able to find my voice.

I knew something had to radically change.

I knew I had to take responsibility for my life.

I knew I needed help.

I heard a small voice within say  ‘You HAVE to step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith’.

Feeling short of breath, full of fear and riddled with deep anxiety I called the life coach my friend recommended.

I  hired her on a 1-2-1 basis for 6 months.

I  felt excited, yet scared.  It was the best thing I ever did

Parting with my last bit of money was terrifying.

I then maxed out my credit card to  train as a success coach, clinical hypnotherapist,  energy healer, intuitive, and EFT practioner. I read book after book, attended every seminar going and signed up for everything ending with a ‘y’ that cost £100 an hour

I discovered such brilliant stuff;  however now I was completely broke.

Having overcome a severe eating disorder, grief, depression, several personal and professional losses, adversity, rejection, heartache, betrayal, financial hardship, and much more I had a huge ‘aha‘ moment when I realied that my liabilities were in fact my  strengths.


I bought a candle and  placed some daffodils in a vase on my lounge table, stuck some cards on the notice board at my local gym, and a few health stores, attended a couple of networking events, asked everyone I knew to please spread the word I was now a qualified coach and hypnotherapist. I anxiously waited for the phone to ring. 

I started my coaching practise from the ground up.

Since that day in 2002 I have grown and evolved as a woman,  practitioner, business-woman, teacher, speaker  and leader and continue to come from a place of being connected to my own wisdom, intuition and alignment.


I have attracted significant media attention, received hundreds of glowing testimonials and referrals, and a book sold in 8 countries, translated into 5 languages.

My third book is launched late 2017. I have created an online program, hosted many talks, appeared as an Expert in 13 episodes of ‘Kyles Academy’ on ITV1, Bump and Grind on Sky1, and ‘Too Fat for Work’ on Channel 5

I am Ambassador for Dove,  Confidence Expert in ‘real confidence’ Psychologies Magazine first branded book. I am on the panel of  Experts for Psychologies Magazine, a Blogger on The Huffington Post, Expert for ( the largest recruitment agency globally online) Confidence Expert on Getthe and, e harmony  Expert for Philips Sonicare, and Confidence Expert for  TV show –The Job Academy

The Confidence Factor‘  hit the top 10 WH Smith charts within a week of being launched and remained there for many months. I was excited to hear it was sat next to One Direction and Miranda Hart as I suddenly became ‘dopes’ according to my teen clients.

The Confidence Factor‘ has been voted  one of the top 6  self-help books alongside JK Rowling, Sheryl Sanderson and Arianna Huffington.

I was Judge on Britain’s Next Top Coach and I  have been invited by Arianna Huffington to be a voice on her new platform Thrive Global.

Through all these channels I have helped thousands of people to tap into the  gap between how they are expected to be on the outside and how they actually feel inside.

Let me be clear, however wonderful these accomplishments are – I have continued to suffer more pain, grief,  and overcome some hard core lessons since 2002 – my life has not turned out how I expected it to. However, I have learned to embrace uncertainty, become more resilient and remain open to the curveballs life has thrown at me, many of which have brought fabulous surprises and keep gratittude in my attitude.


I am here to be of service.

I continue to offer  support, guidance and accountability to those who are committed to taking their life to the next level.

Do I educate people with my books and articles? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Many tell me it helps them hugely to not feel alone as they identify and resonate to my sharing that I spent years feeling inadequate.

I  receive emails from people all over the globe thanking me for helping them feel empowered and become more accepting of their shortcomings and foibles.  

I am not perfect and don’t claim to be.  I have days where I screw up, but my passion, commitment and unwavering desire to be of service never wanes. 


My newsletter goes out Tuesday’s. If you haven’t registered and would like to, please visit the home page.

You  receive  FREE proven strategies for growing your confidence, overcoming your inner critic, being more assertive, transforming fear into self – assurance and becoming a person of influence.  And much more.

I will shortly be hosting ‘Courage and Confidence Club‘  Live with FREE Q&A on Facebook each Tuesday. I will walk you through the way to become the most self – assured person you know, then open the floor up for questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and read this far.


  • I used to have more issues than Vogue.  I have worked through stacks of them. I am work in progress.
  • I love Body Pump, Pilates and Spinning
  • I cry when I watch ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ I guess I just love courageous children and kind adults that much.
  • For years I drank for Britain and smoked like a chimney. Trust me, I am aware I could look a whole lot worse. However I could also look a  whole lot better. 
  • I love chick lit and am unapologetic for my love for this genre
  • I know I do not have the monopoly on pain and grief
  • I used to be a moaning Minnie who hated going out with anyone who moaned as it got in the way of my moaning.
  • I love my Diptique candles, and Joss sticks as much as I love my Marc Jacobs bags,  and Stella McCartney jackets.
  • I am currently writing my debut novel
  • I am an avid  fan of Lisa Vanderpump – a successful British entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, activist, TV personality living in LA who uses her wealth and platform to not only think of herself and her family but to consciously think of others who don’t have such luxuries. 

My  tough love approach is practical and down to earth,

…tempered with a dose of humour.

Helping People Thrive…  

Having Hit Bottom and Bounced Back…

A lot of my work is more often than not related to my life experiences. 

Curious if We Are a Match?

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