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The Confidence Factor

In my book The Confidence Factor, I teach you  inspirational and practical advice on how to transform fear into self – assurance, conquer your inner critic and achieve the life you want and deserve.

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Maybe you are here because you read ‘The Confidence Factor’ or  ‘Real Confidence‘ Psychologies Magazine first branded book, in which I am Confidence Expert? Maybe you attended one of my talks, or read one of my articles in the press or saw me on TV? Perhaps you were doing a random Google search on ‘How to increase confidence’ and you landed here!

Regardless of how you found me

I am SO pleased you did.

My work as an international author, success coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and keynote speaker means I am fortunate enough to be invited to work with some of the world’s leading companies and super successful individuals taking them to greater levels of success, productivity, self – belief and persuasion.

Getting comfortable with who you are is the  biggest gift you can ever give yourself.

When you don’t live your life based on what others think of you, you embrace not just an attitude, but a lifestyle.

Many coaches will work with you on ‘surface’ behaviours as perhaps they haven’t ‘been to a dark place’ and come through it or perhaps they don’t understand the need to go deeper or they simply lack the professional skills to enable you to work at the much deeper level required.

A coach can only take you as far as they have been themselves. For those who work with me, it is a highly transformative experience.I go a lot deeper than setting goals and adressing limiting beliefs.

Your subconscious mind  has SO much power over you.  Scientists tell us our subconcious mind is around 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind.Your subconscious mind records everything and is the captain of your ship directing your life.

I have found the most powerful  way to make lasting changes is to get your subconscious mind on board as then you can capitalize on its power and and its resources to faciliate and execute your goal on your behalf.

  • Are you  feeling stuck and unclear about what direction you are heading in?
  • Do you have a goal that feels ‘impossible right now?’
  • Do you have a saboteur lurking within?
  • Do you doubt the significance of what you are accomplishing?
  • Do you suffer from ‘the imposter syndrome’  not ‘ feeling good enough or deserving of success’?
  • Have you achieved your dream – but are secretly plagued by fears, self – doubt, low self – esteem  and prone to resist change?
  • Do you fall into perfectionistic patterns?

The more you practise self – defeating behaviours, the more they become who you are.

  I work with celebrities, investment bankers, fashion designers, partners in top tier law firms, models, corporate employees,  doctors, teens, mothers wanting to return to work, diplomats, chief executives, UHNW individuals and people from all walks of life who want to push themselves,  – and that’s challenging to do without someone holding them accountable.

As successful as they are they don’t always have  time to step back, think more strategically and determine if they are adressing their vision.

It isn’t about fighting yourself or berating yourself when you keep repeating old patterns as 95% of what you do is the result of habit, NOT choice.It is looking within to the tools that already exsist inside of you and have the power to catapult you into anything you truly desire in life.

I teach you how to remove blocks standing in the way of experiencing a real difference in how you are able to live your life;

  • You will get clear on what you want to achieve,  and what’s currently not working.
  • I will help you to  map out the exact steps you will need to take you  to the next level.
  • I will help you remove your fears and insecurities whilst we work through your blind spots so you become more adaptive and ultimately even more successful
  • You discover the positive habits and routines you need to implement in order to overcome self sabotage and dramatically improve your well – being, career and relationships.
  • I teach you how to set and maintain boundaries and invite you to clarity, action and discovery at a whole new level for a fresh perspective so you can elevate your personal and professional relationships  to their highest level of honesty and effectiveness.
  • We get to the bottom of why you are striving for perfectionism and steer you away from perfectionism and across to excellence.
  • You learn how to increase  the self – confidence, self – assurance and self -esteem you have always admired in others in order to live a more inspired and inspiring life.

My tough love approach is practical and down to earth,

…tempered with a dose of humor.

Helping People Thrive…  

Having Hit Bottom and Bounced Back…

Curious if we are a match? me too- Why not  book a free ‘discovery call’ today?

I would be delighted to know more about how I can help you to let go of what is holding you back from stepping into your dreams.

Each program is highly personalized to your specific goals, needs, wants and desires.

Am I the right coach/hypnotherapist  for you?

Only you can answer that.

My level of coaching is not for everyone.


Are you are ready to overcome what currently feels ‘impossible’ and/or ‘challenging’ right now?

Would you like to know more?

Let’s talk and explore if it feels like a fit to both of us.

Ready to make changes? Call me on+ 44 07739 388072.

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What people say…

Annie came highly recommended. I was told she was on telly, a success coach, a clinical hypnotherapist and the author of best – seller ‘ The Confidence Factor’. I can honestly say I found her coaching excellent, the coaching was genuinely, and totally without irony, very excellent.

– Joshua Burt
The Telegraph

Annie holds regular workshops at Shoreditch House, Soho House, Electric House and High Road House. She is inspiring and an expert motivator. She conducts each session professionally and with great integrity. Members report feeling supported, motivated, inspired and clear around how to gain more confidence, achieve their goals and eliminate self – doubt after Annie’s workshops.

– Jade Coles
Senior Members Events Manager, Soho House.

Annie’s coaching techniques are effective, practical and down to earth.

– Mica Paris
Ambassador for Amy Winehouse Foundation .

Annie Ashdown, you are at the credible end of life coaching. Your talent for engaging with people and allowing your warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. I respect you enormously, not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but also on the inside, I will highly recommended your services.

– Jessica Huie, MBE
Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain.

‘Annie is one of our chosen best experts in the world.’

– Psychologies Magazine

For 15 years I have not exercised. I loathe sport. I find exercise repellent. I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy. After only one session with Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Intuitive and Author of The Confidence  Factor  Annie Ashdown, the very next day I started my fitness plan.

– Annabel Brog
Editor At Large,  ELLE Magazine.

Annie is full of wisdom with a wealth of experience and her techniques are amazing!

– Jo Hemmings
Author, Celebrity Psychologist, ITV This Morning

‘Annie Ashdown you are a brilliant coach. You are simply the best!.’

– Meg Matthews

Thank you Annie, I am  bouncing back much faster from adversity and I am confidently facing up to challenges, which I would usually avoid. 

– Sharon Walker
Features Editor, Harper’s Bazaar.

Anybody can call themselves a ‘Life Coach’ but it takes somebody unique like Annie to actually put the theory into practice and help people to help themselves. When we worked together on the ITV series, I told her that I though her methods were amazing!

– Jeremy Kyle