How to Assert Yourself Effectively

keep-calm-and-assertiveI recently had a client, a successful  lawyer  who told me she knew she needed to  assert herself more.  Shes a congenial, positive person and fwas confused as to why she wasn’t producing the results she had anticipated.

Self awareness is the pre requisite to change.

Knowing you need to be more assertive is not going to bring about changes. I spent many years walking away from a confrontation or diffcult personality berating myself saying ‘I wish I had said this or I wish I had said that’

You need to step up to the plate and Know How to Assert Yourself Effectively

So many clients tell me they want to assert themselves but worry if they do they will be percieved as agressive.

It is  essential that you understand your interaction with others and ensure your actions, style, and  approach are effective.

I used to have a hardcore approach  with rigid boundaries,  using brash and rash words,  driving myself forward by being goal  orientated.  I  learned that isnt effective.

I therefore changed my approach, took time to listen to myself and others,   processed thoughts, perspectives and opinions, then  carefully chose specific, empowering , targeted words and phrases.

By understanding the principles of assertiveness and applying them  to every day situations you will deliver your message effectively.

I explained to my client that the most powerful way to be assertive was to be authentic.

Even when you learn the principles of how to be assertive effectively and fine tune your approach, you still have to be yourself.

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I hope this leaves you feeling inspired and motivated. If so please feel free to share with friends, family and colleagues who you think may find it helpful.

Come on -Make it happen.