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5 Keys to Confidence


Discover secrets most people will never know about mastering self–assurance so you create the life you love.

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How would it feel to have someone help you to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Imagine someone listening to you, asking you focused questions, reflecting back, challenging you…


Helping you discover not only your ambitions but also your self- imposed obstacles?

Using proven principles and strategies I have helped thousands feel empowered,  define their vision and create a plan of actionable change strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to procastination, and self doubt and position yourself to play bigger?

Imagine having a blueprint to:

•  Build Confidence and Raise Self – Esteem
•  Speak up and Speak out in an Entirely new and Effective way
•  Develop a Powerful Mind set
•  Gain Recognition and Self – Respect
•  Learn Social & Perceived Confidence
•  Learn How to Reprogram Negative Self – Talk
•  Identify  and let go of Self – Sabotage, fast and effectively
•  Say ‘No’ without feeling guilty
•  Get noticed for all the right reasons
•  Court risk with more self –assurance
•  Overcome procrastination and effortlessly achieve things you have dreamt of doing

Do you tell yourself things like:

  • “I am not good enough, smart enough, talented enough”
  • “It may happen to him/her, it won’t happen to me”
  • “I feel like an imposter”
  • “I will never get that promotion or  raise’

End the Struggle Within Yourself & Step Into New Possibilities

If, in the past you have felt disrespected, frustrated, resentful of those who have:

  • taken advantage of your kindness,
  • intimidatedyou at work
  • betrayed you in relationships….


  • you tend to beat yourself up for procrastinating
  • for not asking for a well -deserved raise
  • for not taking the leap of faith and starting up your own business

Discover A Powerful, Proven Approach To Creating The Life YOU Born to Live.

You can choose to wipe the slate clean and act from self -confidence, high self -esteem and a sense of worth.

Because you will discover that YOU are more than good enough.

Annie Ashdown is one of the world’s leading authorities on confidence and has a proven formula which will empower you to catapult your success.

Do you want to let go of self–doubt in every area of your life and become more self assured?

Dare to Dream, Dare to Desire, Dare  to be Bold!

Annie  will coach and guide you every step of the way, helping you to become empowered so you can thrive.

You Are Going to Love The Confident New You!

Why wait another day to change your life?



What people say…


Anybody can call themselves a ‘Life Coach’ but it takes somebody unique like Annie to actually put the theory into practice and help people to help themselves. Her methods are amazing!

– Jeremy Kyle


Annie Ashdown, you are at the credible end of life coaching. Your talent for engaging with people and allowing your warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. I respect you enormously, not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but also on the inside, I will highly recommended your services.

– Jessica Huie, MBE
Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain.


Annie’s expertise helps and motivates so many women.

– Lynne Franks
Best Selling Author, TV Personality


Annie is full of wisdom, powerful techniques and  a wealth of experience.

– Jo Hemmings
Best- selling author, Celebrity Psychologist, ITV This Morning


‘Annie Ashdown you are a brilliant coach, absolutely the best!.’

– Meg Matthews

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