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Are You Ready To Get The Confidence Factor?

  • Do you want to learn the surprising things that can boost your self -esteem?
  • Do you want to discover the habits of highly confident people?
  • Do you want a blueprint to turn your dreams into a reality?
  • Do  you want to build a robust inner self belief?



  • Tackling challenges with ease,
  • Feeling relaxed in social settings
  • Excelling in your career
  • Trusting your decisions more
  • Having pride in your judgment and abilities
  • Easily accomplishing the things you have dreamed of doing
  • Constantly feeling the best version of yourself you can possibly be
  • Dealing with difficult people, criticism, confrontation, anger, and negativity confidently, effectively and positively
  • Creating more of an impact personally and professionally
  • Asserting yourself  so you get noticed for all the right reasons


Do you tell yourself things like:

“I am not good enough, smart enough, talented enough”

“I’m a failure”

“I feel like an imposter”

“I will never get that promotion or  raise’


Annie Ashdown is one of the world’s leading authorities on confidence and has a proven formula which will empower you to catapult your success.

I have shared my knowledge with hundreds through one-on-one coaching, my books,workshops  and speaking engagements….Most of them shared a common passion: to boost their confidence, raise their self esteem, overcome fear of rejection and kick self doubt.

I have helped them identify the action steps they needed to take to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Learn the principles of  The Confidence Factor – 7 Secrets of Successful People so you can create the epic reality that you really want


Dare to Dream, Dare to Desire, Dare  to be Bold 


Why wait another day to change your life?

I hope you decide to make this investment in yourself and unlock all the potential inside of you that’s waiting to be released.



07739 388072



What people say…


Anybody can call themselves a ‘Life Coach’ but it takes somebody unique like Annie to actually put the theory into practice and help people to help themselves.

- Jeremy Kyle


Annie Ashdown, you are at the credible end of life coaching. Your talent for engaging with people and allowing your warmth and integrity to create a rapport is second to none. I respect you enormously, not only are you gorgeous on the outside, but also on the inside, I will highly recommended your services.

- Jessica Huie, MBE
Adviser to Prime Minister on Enterprise Britain. Worked under the wing of Simon Cowell, 2001- 2009


Annie’s skills as a coach help and motivate so many women.

- Lynne Franks
Co – Founder Bhive, UK’s leading Women’s Empowerment Guru


Annie is full of passion, humility and a wealth of experience.

- Jo Hemmings
Best- selling author, Celebrity Psychologist, ITV This Morning


‘Annie Ashdown you are a brilliant coach, absolutely the best!.’

- Meg Matthews

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